Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Taco Tuesday

Well it's Tuesday and everyone around our parts knows that means it's time to eat tacos. Tuesday, or Taco Tuesday as we at Jim 'N Nick's affectionally know it is the day of the week we set aside to celebrate one of the all time great street foods. With the Mexican influence on American culture, taqueria's and taco trucks have become common sights in a lot of places. Why should they appear and be celebrated at a Southern barbecue restaurant? I'm arguing that in many ways you'll find some strong similarities between a taco you might find in the most authentic of Mexican establishments and what we'll serve up at Jim 'N Nick's. Slow smoked, pulled pork is remeniscent of carnitas. Beef brisket conjures up thoughts of the finest Latin American barbacoa. And while catfish may not be the first fish thought of in Veracruz, it's our fresh fish here and works quite well with a splash of lime I might add.

We are always looking for a good reason to celebrate our culture and to celebrate the influences other great cultures have on us. The taco has given us a new reason. So consider this a formal invitation to Table 58 so that you can join the celebration as well.

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