Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jim 'N Nick's Fires up Atlanta

Autumn in Atlanta is festival time. Each year, the number of special events and food festivals grows and it seems that no matter where you wander on any given fall weekend in Atlanta, the Jim ‘N Nick’s rig is present. Led by Brian Lyman, the Atlanta team fires up the smoker, decorates the area with all manner of harvest-themed, piggy flair, and invites folks to taste the scratch-made, signature dishes that make them a festival favorite.

Taste of Atlanta, one of the city’s premier food events is in its 9th year and is held smack in the middle of town. In the shadow of midtown skyscrapers, along side 70 other Atlanta restaurants, celebrity chefs and musical entertainment, Jim ‘N Nick’s rolled up the big rig smoker and set to cooking. Brian, decked out in chef’s whites (how does he keep them clean?) and his crew smoked and grilled in the Indian summer sun to food enthusiasts from all over the South.

Hoping to hold onto their consecutive, 3-year title of “Best Taste”. Will Grier manned the grill while Mike Huffler, Jeremy Chambers and the rest of the team served up 6000 plates of ribs, grilled corn and catfish tacos over the course of 2 days. Festival goers were at first surprised to find the Bar-B-Q team assembling tacos but the combination of their crispy-yet-tender fried catfish, coleslaw, cilantro and house-made tartar sauce became a festival favorite and shed light on Jim ‘N Nick’s “Taco Tuesdays” held in each store. If you missed the Taste of Atlanta festival this year, stop by one of the stores each Tuesday to check out the tacos and of course the ribs are always available. Oh, and the final tallies are just in and yes, Jim ‘N Nick’s Atlanta team has indeed been named “Taste of Atlanta People’s Choice for Best Taste” for the 4th year in a row! Congratulations to all of you!

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