Friday, September 2, 2011

Jim ‘n Nick’s Celebrates With White Oak Pastures

Will Harris of White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia is a great friend to Jim ‘n Nick’s as well as a member of the Fatback Collective Team. Will, along with his daughter, Jenni Harris and the rest of the team at White Oak Pastures farm in Southwest Georgia celebrated the opening of their brand new, on-farm chicken processing plant this past week.

The Harris Family has been raising cattle on this same farm since 1866. A few years back, Will made the decision to shift from conventional farming methods to a sustainable model that boasts humanely raised, organic, certified grass-fed beef. He has an on-farm beef abattoir and utilizes a Serengeti grazing model to aid in the health of the land, which translates into healthy cows and therefore, healthy, delicious beef. The grazing model is dependent on multiple species of animals and insects living and eating together in a symbiotic relationship. That is why Will and Jenni now raise chickens, sheep, ducks, geese, rabbits and turkeys all on the same land.

Their chicken production is in full force now with moveable chicken houses to provide the birds with fresh pasture to live on every day of their lives. In keeping with a commitment to animal welfare, Will believes that animals should be able to stay on the pasture their entire life, without being loaded onto trucks and shipped to processing facilities many miles away. That is why White Oak Pastures has now built a beautiful new poultry plant right on the farm.

Jim ‘n Nick’s Bar-B-Q was proud to drive the rig down to Bluffton for the celebration and to show Will Harris and his family just how much we appreciate everything they are doing to make strides in sustainable farming and spreading their knowledge to others. Rodney Scott, fellow Fatback Collective member and owner and pitmaster of Scott’s Bar-B-Q in Hemingway, SC also made the trip to show his support. Nick Pihakus and Drew Robinson came up with a menu for the feast that showcased White Oak Pastures wonderful chicken, lamb and beef.BBQ Chicken, Sweet Tea Brined Fried Chicken and delicious roast chicken sat beside Lamb Burgers and old-fashioned beef cheeseburgers.Macaroni and Cheese, Potato Salad, Lamb and Beef Sausage and pimento cheese. Fresh cucumber and tomato salad, deviled eggs and Drew’s spicy bread and butter pickles provided cool, bright flavors. Kegs of Jim ‘n Nick’s exclusive Reverend Mudbone brew kept the party going along with tasty tunes from the Atlanta-based Mosier Brothers Band.

Congratulations to everyone at White Oak Pastures! We are proud to know you!

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