Saturday, February 20, 2010

Holy Smoke!!!

Well, there's not any way to really put into terms that we are just flat out, knocked down, drug out, hung up and delirious over the fact that Nick has been nominated for the best restaurateur by the James Beard Foundation. What to say? Not much to be honest because we're really caught off guard by this whole thing.

So, the soliloquy aside, we are humbled. Nick has said many times over that we are all in this together and hey, that's it. We here at Jim 'N Nick's rely everyday on the fact that we are family. Hell, if we're not then we're really just playing a cruel joke on each other because we all spend so damn much time with each other that we ought to be family anyway! And when we say family around here we start by looking first at the people who come in to share our table day in and day out. The fact that we have guests who choose to make "us" "their" restaurant is more humbling to us than any award ever could be. They are why we're here, they are why people notice we're here and they, save the soliloquy, are why we'll keep doing what we do.

Hey, we are happy about this nomination. Actually proud as new parents and you can bet your last drop of barbecue sauce on that. But at the end of the day we know why we're here and why we'll be here tomorrow and that is what we're most thankful for. To put it humbly, and in terms of where we come from, we're living in high cotton! Thank you James Beard Foundation for the recognition and thank you, our gracious guests for making this nomination possible.

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