Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanks for Helping Us, Help Others!

Scattered throughout previous posts on this blog, are mentions of collaborations with charities and organizations that we believe do good work. Organizations like Feeding America, the United Way, the Low Country Food Bank, Fertile Minds Learning Garden and Junior Achievement. Visit our community page on the Jim ‘N Nick’s website ( and you will find links to these good agencies and more. Supporting them is important to us because they are part of our collective and they help all of us out—including you. For that reason, our company’s charitable giving efforts include you as well. You, the Jim ‘N Nick’s customer, help make it possible for us to do that good work. By eating at our restaurants, you help all of these groups and more. It’s not just big organizations that get our help—it’s local and it’s personal.

There are Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q restaurants in 28 different towns; some small, some large. In those 28 different towns are people who make up a community and those people are our people. Within those neighborhoods, are individuals who have hopes, aspirations, problems and concerns—we all do. Some of those hopes or problems are rooted in deep and troubling situations while some of them are cause for celebration. There might be families struggling with emergencies or illnesses or it could be a young farmer who wants to bring good food to schools and to the people. Could be a group who wants to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of food trucks and urban homesteading or folks who collect stories from food artisans, fishermen, farmers and cooks. The point is, each neighborhood is different and each neighborhood matters.

Southerners love covered dish dinners, potluck gatherings and church dinner on the grounds. Parades of revelers carrying casseroles and buckets of fried chicken, deviled egg plates and cake carriers to a community gathering get our heart racing and mouths watering. There’s good food of course, but it’s the combination of the food and the folks that make it great. That’s why, when we pack up the Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q rig to haul to a charity event, it means more than just a day’s work. We know we are going to get out and meet our community and the very people who have the hopes and the problems or the great ideas and celebrations. It’s the same in our restaurants when guests gather at our table. We want to know who is dining with us, and what their story is. Everyone is part of the community.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your community and for helping us bring good food, good people and good work to the table.

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