Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mable Washington!

Today we celebrate a woman who has set the standard for what the kitchen at Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-b-que is all about. Mable Washington has developed recipes for us, taught us technique, and more important, shown us that food—scratch-made with honest products and a loving touch is the most delicious, most soul and body nourishing food we can put in our mouths. The pies we serve bear her name and she teaches all of our cooks exactly how to make them. It’s safe to say that Mable is the matriarch of Jim ‘N Nick’s. She’s worked with us for over 20 years and seven of her children and one grandchild has come to work with us. And for all the praise we have received for the pies that bear her name, this endorsement of the Jim ‘N Nicks's family, to her own family is the highest honor or accolade we could ever receive. Thank you Mable for your wisdom and talent.

We love you Mable and wish you the happiest of birthdays today!

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