Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jim 'N Nick's Joggers

Most of what goes on at Jim 'N Nick's is S-L-O-W. Slow cooking, with care in the kitchen, slow smoking, of the pork in the smoker. There are a few times a year however that we try really hard to be fast. For the past few years, Jim 'n Nick's has sponsored and participated in marathons and charity races across the south. In Atlanta for instance, Mike Hoffman and the 26 member Jim 'N Nick's running team named, "The Drinking Team with a Running Problem" have participated in the Jingle Jog. Not only are they running in the race, they serve up Brunswick Stew and Pulled Pork Sliders to folks after the race! The race benefits local charities and reminds us all that pulled pork and fitness are great together! Congratulations and thanks to Mike and the team!
Keep your eyes peeled here for updates on the races that we are involved in for 2011. Jim 'N Nick's has decided that these races are important. They're important to our community, they're important to our health, and they're fun! On Sunday, February 13th, Jim 'N Nick's will host the post party and awards celebration at the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama. We'll have the big rig there to serve food and members of our staff will participate in the race. Jim 'n Nick's is proud to sponsor this 10 year old race that has raised $2 million dollars for local charities. Come out for some great food and cheer on our team!

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