Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution: Spread the Love—Make More Pimento Cheese!

“Low and Slow”, “Scratch Made”, “Southern Goodness”—these are all phrases that Jim ‘N Nick’s has embraced for the work that we do in our restaurant kitchens. For the past couple of years now, Jim ‘N Nick’s has also adopted, “Spread the Love”. Yes, we want to make sure that everyone who comes in contact with our food and our people “feel the love”, but the phrase itself is quite literal. We want to spread the love by spreading our love of a spread.

Pimento cheese is one of the most iconic recipes of the South. It’s a beautiful thing. Sharp cheddar cheese, glistening mayonnaise, chunks of roasted red peppers and a sprinkling of hot sauce is how it’s done. Spread onto white bread, it’s simple perfection. Troweled into celery ribs, it becomes a crunchy hors d’oeuvre. A slather of it on a bun elevates and Southernizes a burger.

Our restaurant menu boasts an option that is a trifecta of taste. The Pimento Cheese and Hot Link appetizer has become one of our most celebrated offerings at Jim ‘N Nick’s. We knew it was good, that’s why it’s on the menu in the first place. But its popularity has grown and the juxtaposition of cool, creamy pimento cheese against the smoky-hot wheel of sausage, the green jolt from a Serrano pepper all piled upon a classic, crunchy Saltine cracker gets folks talking. We have served the recipe at parties and taken it coast to coast—from the Eat Real Festival in Oakland, California to the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in New York City. This week, it made its television debut in Atlanta, Georgia on WAGA, Fox 5’s Good Day Atlanta show. Drew Robinson demonstrated live how to make the simple dish and offers the recipe so that you too may “Spread the Love” in 2011.

Check out the video and the recipe here:

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