Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Shenanigans with Billy Reid

Our obsession with Bar-B-Q, bourbon and Billy Reidcontinues... This time we collaborated in New York City, just outside of Billy's Bond Street store. The cooking rig was parked right on the street where pulled pork was laid out into handmade tortillas that were cooked right on the street. Fresh guacamole was crafted throughout the party and queso fundito stayed bubbling in cast iron skillets over the fire. A couple of hundred fashion and food forward folks gathered to enjoy the tacos, the beer, the bootlegged cocktails fromGreg Seider, and to try on and buy sublime fashions from our favorite Louisiana turned Alabama boy, Billy Reid.

Here are some fun shots from the street party.

Jim 'n Nick's Bar-B-Q Executive Chef and his beautiful wife, Cheri.

Pulled pork tacos with salsas and fresh guacamole were served right on Bond Street in front of Billy's NYC store.

Nick Pihakis puts together the street tacos.

Fresh avocados, onions and limes were transformed into guacamole throughout the evening.

Queso fundito made in huge iron skillets over the fire on Bond Street.

Folks poured out of the Billy Reid store onto the sidewalk for tacos.

L-R, Contemporary artist, E.V. Day, Miller Union Atlanta Chef, Steven Satterfield, Ted Lee, Ben Thompkins.

Hollywood, CA resident and SFA board member, Rob Long with Billy Reid.

Billy with SFA board member Angie Mosier.

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  1. Besides looking delicious, this looks like a lot of fun. Who can resist a street party (a fashionable one, at that)?