Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Low Country Asado!

Charleston, SC, with its palm trees, beaches and salt air combined with country sensibility about farming and raising food reminds Jim 'n Nick's Executive Chef, Drew Robinson of another place--Jose Ignacio, Uruguay--yep, Uruguay.  Back in December, Drew, along with other members of the Fatback Collective went on a culinary exploration to Estancia Belcampo--an organic farm and ranch that hosts Asado dinners on their farm. It was a BBQ exchange of sorts and both the South American chefs and the Southern American chefs had lots to learn from each other.
Drew and the others came back inspired and eager to try out new techniques in their own kitchens.  Recently, John Haire, the Jim 'n Nick's store owner in Charleston, invited Drew down to cook with him at a lovely waterside house on Sullivan's Island, SC.
Charleston's John Haire

King Street store in Charleston, SC

Veteran food writer Marion Sullivan was at the asado to experience the feast and document it for Charleston Magazine's cover story. Talented Charleston photographer, Peter Frank Edwards captured the event in gorgeous style.
Check out the story here:

Taking in the Charleston Magazine story, seeing the beautiful photos, it becomes clear that Drew made direct references to the experience in Uruguay.  Take a gander at some of the photos from the Estancia Belcampo trip and see where Drew's inspiration came from.
Sangria stirred with a knife.

Drew Robinson checks out the "iron cross" cooking method.

Even the vegetables are cooked with fire.

Drew cuts broccoli greens into a chiffinade for a Southern style coleslaw

Sausages cooked over coals.

Carrots cooked over coals become tender and sweet.


Nick Pihakis tends the pig

A peach cobbler in its own little oven.

The final crust on the peach cobbler

That's what exploration and learning are all about folks--growth and sharing and that is what Drew did on that balmy day in Charleston.

Thank you to Marion Sullivan and Peter Frank Edwards and Charleston Magazine for helping share this great experience on the homefront!

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