Saturday, April 11, 2009

East Bound and Down in Dega

"Seriously" I'm thinking to myself while we're pulling pork and making barbecue sandwiches in the garage where all the Nascar greats have been at one time or another at the Talladega Superspeedway. I'm not even a Nascar fan but this is cool. But as cool as it is there are some ironies as well. The event we're serving is a half marathon footrace on the legendary track usually inhabited by stock cars that travel so fast the hardly touch the ground. And in a place where speed is king we're serving pork shoulders cooked as slowly as we can possibly cook them. So what's all this for? To raise money for prostate cancer research. The whole event was awsome and slightly dichotomous at the same time. Sweet home Alabama??? Most definitley.

I would certainly be remiss not to mention that this happeninig took place because of Jim 'N Nick's good friend Valerie McLean, owner of The Trak Shak. She's a lady that certainly realizes great ideas turned into reality always go better with barbecue.

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