Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Smoke on the Plains

The two crown jewels of Southern culture are arguably food and music. The two of them individually have the power to bring people together in fellowship and celebration but when you put them together, you're just can't help but feel like you are a little closer to heaven. This past weekend Jim 'N Nick's had the great pleasure of serving all the good folks behind the scenes at the Sticks country music festival outside of Auburn, AL. Volunteers, producers and even the stars themselves helped themselves to the tender, smoky goodness of our barbecue while melodies from the biggest names in country music painted their way over the landscape. Wash the whole experience down with some of Mudbone's Homegrown Hopshine and you can't help but want to put your feet up on the porch rail. A country Woodstock? I'm pretty sure nobody ate that good at Yasgur's farm.

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