Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Welcome to the Table.

Table 58. It's where we eat lunch and dinner. Research is discussed and developments are made. Happy hour is always on schedule. Tough decisions are finalized and lighthearted decisions are listened to with careful attention. We take our greatest pleasure in celebrating life's most ordinary moments here. It's our family table in the home that we all work to grow and build everyday. It's in the spirit of the family table that we have launched this blog. This is our virtual table to gather at and tell the tales that weave together as our family story.

Just like the real Table 58, some stories are told at odd hours, all stories are told at most hours and odd stories are told at all hours. We're not waiting for anyone but everyone is invited. When you've got time, pull up a chair and see what's going on at the moment and what you might have missed in the moments past.

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